yogi studio instructor promotional commercial yoga photography Portland, Oregon

As Clare Jeffcock continues her passion for her yoga practice, she’s recently been driven to pursue her instructor certification here in Portland, Oregon. This is particularly inspirational to me, as she’s still a student at Portland State University.

It is amazing to work with such motivated individuals and, as a lover of yoga myself, I’m especially excited to be working with yogis and wellness practitioners to foster them in portraying, promoting and realizing their vision.

Clare’s session was shot in-studio with external lighting. The effect is sweet yet striking. We’ll be shooting a post-training session as well to record her growth as a yogi.

Here are a few tips on how we achieved this look:

  1. The rustic brick wall backdrop created a cool Portland-esque feel.
  2. I chose her wardrobe in order to minimize distraction, and enhance the soft feel of the images. Solid colors, no print, with little variation to keep it simple.
  3. We stuck to simple, mostly open poses in order to maintain a gentle, inviting feel and avoided complicated technical posing in order to avoid any sense of intimidation, as appropriate for ‘beginner’ yoga classes.
  4. Mixing natural soft light, with more directional external lighting maintained the softer feel while incorporating a striking quality.

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