Yoga Photography Portland Oregon – 5 Tips to Connecting with Your Imagery

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As a yogi, you put passion and connection in everything you do. The same should ring true for the images that represent you and your practice. As a yogi myself, as well as a photographer here in Portland, Oregon, it's extremely important to me to be able to connect with my subjects and interpret their spirit, their intentions and their nature into imagery they love and can connect with.

Here are five tips to creating imagery you can connect with:

  1. Heart Location - Where do you most often practice? Where do you feel the most connection? It could be in your studio or out in nature. Choose a location where you can feel very much at ease and in tune.
  2. Wear Your Favorites - Wear your favorite outfit. You've created a sort of connection and vibration with the outfits you wear most. They fit you the best and are the most comfortable. It's super fun to bring new, fun outfits, however make sure to bring what you're used to and what makes you feel confident.
  3. Posing - Feel free to get fancy with your posing, but don't forget to include your absolute favorite poses.
  4. Beyond the Pose - Your session is about more than your practice and your poses alone. It's about what makes you you. Don't be shy to incorporate headshots or imagery outside of the norm that express something special about you and what you're about.
  5. Awareness - Be deliberate about the photographer you choose. Bring your awareness to their portfolio and style of imagery to be sure you can connect with their style.

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