promotional and headshot photography for yoga studios, entrepreneurs and small business owners in Portland, Oregon
modern beautiful editorial style headshot and small business headshot and photo makeover for branding and website in Portland Oregon
promotional and headshot photography for yoga studios, entrepreneurs and small business owners in Portland, Oregon

It is Possible to Love Your Headshots

» If you've ever questioned the notion that professional headshots have to be stiff, stale or boring...

» If you're convinced, based on past portrait experiences, that you're unphotogenic or plagued with chronic awkward photo face...

» If you're still using a bathroom mirror selfie for your professional profile picture...

» If you're wondering whether your mean-mugging photo is turning away your dream prospects + potential clients...

» Or if you just flat out refuse to pay for another professional portrait session again unless you can be sure you'll at least like - or even (gasp)... love - your photos...

... You're in the right spot.

… my prior experiences had been so difficult and the results were…well, just not good…  People would say kind things like “that picture doesn’t really do you justice,” or “you’re so much prettier than that in person,”…  I had a deep-seated belief that I just wasn’t photogenic, or maybe the pictures were really how I looked and I was just unrealistic in my expectations.

Working with Briena Sash totally changed everything for me…  I now see myself as photogenic and I think I understand now how to relax and not panic whenever someone says “let me take your picture.” – Louise P.

Get my tips for Headshots You Love!

Headshot Tips by Portland Photographer, Briena Sash

Hi, I'm photographer Briena Sash and I'm so glad you're here!

I'm absolutely passionate about helping people like you - savvy entrepreneurs and professionals - achieve headshots you love, that are NOT stale and cheesy, that captivate your viewers, relay your message, and attract your dream clients or prospective employers. 

In today's world... it's pretty essential that your headshots be completely compelling, warm, authentic, and genuine. Your number one goal should be to conjure connectionbuild trust with, and make your visitors feel like they know you. And not every photographer knows how to produce these results. 

Empower Yourself

I want to teach you how you can get these results in your next headshot session. There are certain easy tricks that I use with my clients that you can learn in order to prepare yourself for your next photo session. So that- regardless as to whether your photographer isn't skilled at connecting with you and drawing out your genuine personality- you'll have an arsenal of headshot ninja skills to whip out and take matters into your own hands. 


Sound interesting? Make sure you're a subscriber to SPmail, by filling out the form below, so that I can start sending you my deepest secrets... I'll answer the most common headshot mistakes and conundrums- and- give you tips on how to achieve super strong, engaging headshots. Oh... and it's free, so... yay!


Let's join forces and change the world- one headshot at a time. 

Love, Briena