Tooth Fairy Session – A Toothless Portrait Session with Amelie

Calling all Tooth Fairies!

One of the cutest things on Earth is a kid who’s missing their two front teeth. I think this time should be chronicled in every child’s life.

I had a blast on my photo session date with 8-year-old Amelie. She brought a backpack full of fun clothes and costumes, favorite stuffed animals to match each outfit, and even a witch dress with black cat to suit. I love kids, their insatiable desire to dress up and have fun, and their creative energy! I think the best child portraiture should highlight that.



Amelie & I drove around Portland for two hours, stopping in spots that inspired us. We took a lunch break at Water Avenue Coffee for a delicious hot cocoa & a muffin, stopped in next door at Lippman’s Party Store to pick up some balloons – they had an entire ‘Balloon’ Room! Amelie chose green. I think she made a fine decision.



Let’s hope the Tooth Fairy visits soon!



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