‘Engagement – what?’ The Low Down on the Engagement Session.

‘What’s the point of an engagement session’ you ask?

You’re not the only one! I’ve had plenty of people wonder that very same thing. Engagement Sessions yield sweet couple photos, yes.  To be down right honest, however, engagement sessions are so much more awesome than ‘just’ some cute cuddly couple photos to hang on the wall.  Here are some of the uses & benefits of an engagement session…


1. Save the Date! – Couples use photos from their ES for Save the Date cards, Wedding Invitations, and Thank You cards.


2. Use ’em at your wedding! – Images from a couple’s ES are often used at the wedding to bring the essence and feel of the couple into the decor & ambiance.  Engagement session photos should express the couple’s personality, their charm & connection, and are often set on gift or welcome tables, and even in the center of dinner tables. Couples also use the images to create awesome sign-in albums!



3. Christmas cards!



4. GET COZY WITH YOUR PHOTOG – One of the greatest benefits of an engagement session is to get to know your photographer. This is such a great opportunity to experience working with your photographer, to get comfortable with him/her and to get a feel for their style. You’ll also get to see image results. It’s a great first ‘test run’ to be sure your photographer is a good match for you. After all, who else will you be spending more time with on your big day other than your photographer?! (Psst… the answer is… no one… well, OK, other than your bride/groom.)


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