Rebecca & Charles | Portland Wedding

brides hands clasped with wedding ring and lace dress

It was a beautiful May 20th in Portland. The sky was blue, the air was warm and Rebecca and Charles were getting married. I was so happy (and not to mention honored) to be the wedding photographer for two people who were so laid back and obviously very in love.

Seeing them so collected on their wedding day, you would never guess Rebecca and Charles had faced some of the most difficult hurdles that could possibly arise for a wedding. Including a sudden close-down of their chosen venue, the downtown Lawrence Art Gallery, just one week before their wedding day.  Despite the chaos, these two kept things entirely together, emitting a relaxed energy throughout their day. They were calm, focused and entirely enamored with each other.  To top it off, they were magic for the camera, eager to please, easy to work with, and not at all shy.  They were a photographer’s dream.

We walked about the streets of Portland and used an old stone church for some gorgeous photos. the MAX passed us and the driver waved. The couple was looking glamorous.

Rebecca and Charles had made a quick executive decision to use the Tiffany Center as their new venue. This wasn’t easy, as the art gallery had suited their theme of ‘Art and Eternity’ perfectly. The Tiffany Center was certainly big enough to suit their needs and looked beautiful once all the artwork (supplied by the former Lawrence Gallery) was placed about, however it posed a real challenge for me as their photographer. With ultra high ceilings and dark wood paneling, it is almost impossible to get good lighting after dusk without setting up shop with studio lighting, which doesn’t exactly work for a wedding. During daylight, however, the tall leaded windows provided for some beautiful, soft mood lighting and I used it to my advantage.

My friend Greg, a long time accomplished photographer sighed when I told him I was shooting a wedding at the Tiffany Center. He said, “I remember shooting a wedding there once myself and shuffling through photo after photo of  people’s faces lit up, but framed by an entirely black background”. That’s what happens when a photographer has nothing to bounce a flash off of. If you’re not a photographer, you probably don’t walk into a venue, judging it by how well it will photograph and what the lighting situation is like. These are the every day complications of an event photographer. We walk into a room that’s gorgeous and romantic with dark wood paneling and candle lighting and start hyperventilating over how we can get the best possible photos for our clients. One of the absolute worst possible venue setups for a wedding is a dark ceiling with either wood paneling or a dark paint color, such as maroon… luckily Charles and Rebecca did not have the ballroom with the uber high dark blue ceiling booked for their wedding. I worked with what I had and was rather pleased with the outcome.

I have to say, the food at this wedding was especially amazing. They had their favorite restaurant, Portobello, cater. I had never eaten there before this night and was floored. I absolutely could not believe that everything was vegan. It was powerfully flavorful and I decided right then and there that this was probably some of the best catered food I’d ever had.

After a long and lovely day, the couple was whisked away by town car, headed to relax in and explore the exotic nature of Costa Rica! It ended up to be a wonderful day, with guests present to show their love and support from all the way around the world… including one of my favorite places, Germany…  and I hope Rebecca and Charles will forever remember and enjoy their day through beautiful photos.

Thank you Rebecca and Charles!

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