Print Pricing

My print pricing is based on a points system. This helps make things flexible for you to mix and match which prints you’d like and allows you to order prints a-la-cart or choose one of our awesome value Print Packages and mix-and-match…  It also provides a fun way for me to reward you for being a wonderful client, by gifting you with bonus points for doing awesome and wonderful things like sending friends and family my way for photos. Suh-weet!

There are two options for you with ordering prints through the point system. First, you can choose from one of our super sweet Print Packages. Second, you can select individual prints a-la-car.  Oh wait! Actually… there is a third (popular) option… You can do both!  You can select one of our super duper awesome Print Packages and then round it out with some additional Print Credits to get exactly what you want.

So how many print credits do you need?  Well, that really depends on what amazing photos you want to hang on the wall or pass out to friends and family.  The best thing to do is sit down with a piece of paper and list out everywhere and everyone that should get your pictures, including sizes.  You can use a table like the one I’ve included below.  Simply multiply the Print Credits by the number of each print size required, then sum it up.  That will give you the total number of Print Credits required.

Next, look for one of our print packages that matches closest to the total number of Print Credits required and get a sweet deal!  You can fill in any missing Print Credits a-la-cart (and usually at a discount.)

Be sure to bring your list along to our Viewing Session… This is when you will see your sweet self on the big screen and place your orders!

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Print Credits Required per Print Size


   Print Size

Print Credits per Print Size

Who Gets a Picture or Where does a picture get placed

Total Print Credits Needed

8 Wallets 20  
4×6 20  
5×7 25  
8×10 40  
8×12* 45  
10×15* 60  
11×14 70  
16×20 175  
16×24* 250  
20×24 250  
20×30 270  


*Note: I offer standard print sizes, but also offer non-standard print sizes. Why? Standard print sizes (i.e. 5×7, 8×10, 20×24) fit most typical mat and frame sizes that you will find, however, many of the standard sized prints require the original image to be cropped. In order to avoid cropping, which works for some photos but not all, I offer non-standard print sizes, but keep in mind that if you order one of these sizes you may need to order custom mat and framing. The non-standard/non-crop print sizes are: 8×12, 10×15, 16×24.

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