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Meet Jamie Noteboom.

Jamie is a single mom running a small massage practice, Thyia Tree Massage, in SE Portland, Oregon.

First off, I have to say that I have had not one, but many massages from Jamie and her hands are magical! She is a myofascial and deep tissue massage specialist and if you’re like me living with chronic pain, she is a God-send.

Jamie has an incredibly warm, welcoming energy. The moment I met her, I felt like I was reunited with a long-time friend.

Jamie originally hired me to produce professional imagery for her website. She had already had some very nice professional heashots taken by another local photographer, but recently decided to update and I was honored that she asked me.

My goal in updating her professional headshots was to draw out the natural warm and welcoming energy she exudes, while maintaining a confident edge.

Please describe in short what you do:

I run my own massage practice and specialize in injuries and myofascial relief.

Why did you hire Briena?

I hired Briena simply because I was due to refresh my Photo!  It had been a while, and even though I really liked my old one, it was old, and it was time.

What was your experience like?

My experience was amazing! I’ve never felt so comfortable in front of a camera before! In order for your true self to come out, you have to be comfortable. And Briena really has a gift of seeing people and coaching them out of their safe shells to be seen!

How did you like your resulting images?

I always believed that I was not photogenic at all.  Now I know that that is just not true.  ?

What stood out?

As a massage therapist, I wanted people to see a little of who I am in the Photo.  I think that warmth and caring are good qualities to see.

Do you think your SP headshot helps you relay your message? How?

The images are revealing and genuine yet still very professional. Nothing like the headshots you always see, with the same blank stare and the same fake smile.  When I looked at them for the first time, I felt like people would really be able to see me in the photo, and learn a little about my nature.  It takes a gifted artist to be able to capture that.

What was different between your old image and the new headshot by Sash Photography?

The differences between my old image and the new ones are, that the new ones are more engaging, my personality comes through, I was much more relaxed, and felt more genuine.

How did people respond to your new headshot?

I have gotten more compliments on these photos than any other photo!!

Have you noticed that your new headshot has improved your business at all? If so, how?

I just posted them but i am curious to see what kinds of changes it makes for my business!

What would you say to professionals and personal acquaintances about hiring Sash Photography for their personal profile/headshot?

I would recommend Sash Photography for anyone who really relies on personal interaction for their business to thrive!!

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