Your Viewing Session

Your viewing session will take place 2 – 4 weeks following your photo session. Expect your viewing session to last about an hour. At this time you can view our product offerings & place your print orders. Make sure mom knows, because she is required to come along.

In preparation of your viewing & ordering session, please complete the following:

1. Preview our PRINT PACKAGE options. Located in our Senior Portrait Session and Package Pricing area under the SENIORS! menu at the top of this page.

2. Break out the tape measure! Scout out spaces throughout your house where you might want to hang a print or two or even a collection. Measure the wall with a tape measure to get an idea for print sizes that would fit the spaces. (Don’t forget to record your info on a pad of paper!)

3. Make a ‘Print List’. Make a list of all the people you want to give prints to. Make an additional list for all the prints you want to keep for yourself & hang in your home. Include sizes & quantity of prints for each person/space in your home. When complete, your Print List should include personal prints that you and mom will keep and hang in your home as well as gift prints for friends and family.

4. Consider your Graduation Announcements. Sash Photography offers Designer Boutique Announcements for your graduation. Consider whether you would like to send out our stellar designer announcements, or whether you would simply like to include a print in your alternative announcements. Both solutions are fantastic!


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