'Put a Teacher in the House' – A Portland Professional Headshots Session with Oregon Rep Candidate Don Gavitte

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Portland Professional Headshots : State Rep Candidate Don Gavitte

Last month, I received a referral from my colleague, Josh Partee. (Josh is a talented architectural photographer… check out his site HERE. May I just note, that it is the utmost form of flattery to receive a referral from another photographer… especially from another photographer to the caliber of Josh Partee. He is amazing.)

This referral was an unusual one for me… a professional headshots session for a Portland teacher running for a state representative position… Mr. Don Gavitte.

Mr. Gavitte, a philosophy + government teacher at Grant High School, decided to ‘lead by example’, and try his hand in politics… This year he’s running for Oregon State Representative, for district 42. Check out his campaign site, www.Gavittefor42.com.

Don needed some good-looking professional headshots to put in front of thousands of Portland citizens in the Voter’s Manual. This is no task I took lightly. After all, my shot and the image it portrays of Don as a person and as a candidate could have the potential to sway a voter’s decision on voting day.

What do you think? If you lived in district 42, would you vote for this guy? …

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Okay, let’s be honest. At first, when I heard a Portland politician wanted me to shoot professional headshots, I was a bit apprehensive. Mostly, I thought the session would be super boring (it’s true, Don… I really did think that. I’m sure you’re not surprised).

BTW, Boring sessions are okay, too! I’m totally not even dissing boring photo sessions! They have a place in this world. I’m just saying that I was fully prepared for this to be one of them. HOWEVER, when I read the Willamette Week’s article: Hotseat: Don Gavitte – A Fed-Up Portland Teacher Campaigns to Take Salem to School … this man began to seem more like an actual normal person, rather than your stereotypical stuffy politician. And I began to think this session might not be quite the boring session I’d originally anticipated. On the contrary, it might be super fun and interesting.

I arrived at Don’s house on a Sunday morning for our Headshot Session. First off, I was stoked that he lived only blocks away from Pie Spot. (Pie Spot is local pie company that offers scrumptious donut-hole sized mini pies… the marionberry is a-maz-ing!… And I am completely off subject here, but… pie!!!).

Back to my arrival at Don’s house… I was surprised at the normalcy of this situation. His little blue house was warm and cozy and smelled of wood stove and pancakes. His family was so warm and welcoming. By the end of our session, I felt like he was just a good, genuine Portland neighbor and friend who was most certainly worthy of my vote.

Here’s the real true Don Gavitte. Warm. Confident. Approachable.

(The true DG requires his cool signature hat. Voter’s Pamphlet rules don’t allow candidates to be wearing a hat… They should do something about that.)

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Here Were Some Highlights From My Professional Headshot Session In Portland, Oregon With Up-And-Coming Politician, Don Gavitte, Which Helped Me Realize That… He’s Just A Normal Guy…

1. He’s normal!

2. He’s a teacher.

3. Pre-session, he was excited to meet up with me for coffee at Stumptown. (Let’s face it, how many politicians would do that?)He lives in a little cozy house with a wood stove.

4. He lives in a little cozy house with a wood stove.He wore a sweater vest for his pictures.

5. He made his son get out of his pj’s on a Sunday morning to help carry in my gear for our session.

6. He wore a sweater vest for his pictures.

7. His wife, Mary, offered me gooey chocolate chip cookies.He makes nerdy teacher jokes. (You know what I’m talking about… those jokes only your teacher would make.)

8. He makes nerdy teacher jokes. (You know what I’m talking about… those jokes only your teacher would make.)

9. He wears a really cool hat.

10. Did I mention he’s just a normal guy?

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