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Whether you’re revamping your business portrait, LinkedIn page or your online dating profile, a professional photograph will absolutely make a difference in attracting viewers.

Here are some reviews from our awesome clients. We’re so excited to know how we’ve helped them reach their goals!

online dating headshot of beautiful woman outdoors in Oaks Bottom, Portland Oregon

I finally uploaded my profile to Match a week ago Sunday, and the response has been amazing. Lots of people asking to get to know the gal behind the smile! Thanks so much for helping me channel confident and approachable! – Melanie M.

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Don't believe anyone who tells you that you can just get a friend to take photos for you to share on LinkedIn, Twitter, or any other Social Media network. If you want the best, you need to work with the best... that's Briena. At a time when so much of our communication happens online, a first impression is more valuable than ever before. Briena can help you capture your true essence for all the world to see. We're all beautiful and Briena helps bring that to light.

Briena's confidence is contagious, which means you'll feel better... which means you'll look better... which means your photos will be awesome. 

For professional headshots, for marketing, or for any other celebration, call Briena first. You'll be glad you did. - Andrew R

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I needed new head shots to start out this year, I found Briena and I am so thankful that I did. She is extremely talented, professional, helpful, informative, and just plain fun to work with. Once I booked my appointment, she sent me information to help me prepare for the shoot, basic stuff that is so important to know, but that we forget. Briena answered all my questions before I even got to the studio, so that I felt comfortable and relaxed. Once there the photo session was professional yet personal. Briena made sure every detail was perfect so that the shots worked, and I looked my best. Every step in the process was professional, timely, and the results were high quality. I am now very proud of my head shots and can't wait for that first audition. - Pamela F

top headshot photographer for actors in portland oregon photographer reviews

I so appreciate your professionalism, patience and intuitive ability to guide me through the process & create great results. For a first timer with some nerves, you were totally fantastic... Thank you for everything. I know it's because of your awesome gift of making people feel comfortable that my photos came out well! - Gabriella K

beautiful small business owner entrepreneur woman calligrapher in Portland Oregon professional portrait headshots

Briena of Sash Photograpy is wonderful to work with! She's both professional and incredibly talented, and her studio space is a dream. During the session, she provided the perfect amount of instruction so that I had some ideas for how to pose, but it still felt like "me," for a natural, effortless, and enjoyable experience! Thanks so much, Briena!

musician headshot tips classical viola musician

I've worked with Brie several times over the course of my career and I have always been happy with her work. I am a classical musician and I travel all over the world for music festivals and concerts. I receive a lot of compliments on the creativity and beauty of my head shots everywhere I go. They really capture who I am. I think her work adds a little extra something special that other head shots lack. Photography is expensive but the boon to my career made it clear that it's well worth the investment. Brie is very professional, but she is also very warm and comfortable to be around. She makes me feel really good about myself! She creates a good environment for taking simple, straightforward head shots and for taking more artsy, outside-of-the-box shots. Each session with her has resulted in a variety of great shots that I can rotate depending on the occasion. I can't ask for more! - Michelle Rahn

modern beautiful editorial style headshot and small business headshot and photo makeover for branding and website in Portland Oregon

Briena Sash is an extraordinarily talented, super creative photographer rock star who has the gift to evoke the Essence of a person in her photography. Her photographs have a dreamlike, magical quality and each tell a story in images. She captures the sensuality and heart of her subjects very deeply. Each portrait is a work of art, always set with a stunning backdrop of either nature or cityscapes. It was a total joy and delight to have the opportunity to have Briena take my photos, like a journey into myself through another person's eyes--she has such a special way of making me feel beautiful. I will always always use her for all photos whether professional or personal. - Nicola B

modern casual dating photo profile headshot with beautiful young red haired woman with top Portland Oregon Photographer

Dear Briena and Renee,

When I decided to get professional photos done with you, I never would have dreamed it would be such an incredible experience!!! You two are amazing!!!! Thank you for making me feel so pampered and special. You could not be more lovely, fun, encouraging and comfortable to work with. From the moment I connected with you, to the day of my session, you connected with me, pampered me, and drew out parts of my personality that only good friends are capable of doing. I expected to feel a bit awkward in front of the camera, but you made me feel so beautiful and confident in every way. And I see how that came through! I absolutely LOVE the pictures!!!!!

You make a wonderful team, creating an environment conducive to capturing the uniqueness of each person you work with. Renee, you do such a beautiful job of enhancing natural features and I loved that I still felt like myself when you were done…only better! And Briena, you made me feel so at ease. Actually, it surprised me how at ease I felt. But we were all having fun and interacting and you were giving me little tips here and there about how to move or position my body. All the while, capturing moments that were so authentic.

I had to tell you all this, because, now after having had such an amazing experience with you, knowing how much you put into the experience, and seeing the results…  I can’t believe I waited this long. As I mentioned, I don’t think the images I used for profiles in the past were horrible by any means, but I’m excited to have something that shows me in a more professional light and yet still maintains the integrity of who I am inside and out. All online dating sites will tell you how important it is to have current and  high quality pictures that show you in your best light, especially when it comes to head shots and your main profile picture. It is the very first impression someone will get of you. In the past I have mostly used pictures friends have taken of me in various settings. I have tried to pick some that show me fairly close up and in a good light and others that may not be as good of me, but show some of my interests and/or personality. I felt weird and indulgent even considering a professional photo shoot for myself. But I am SO glad I did it. I could never have captured what you did. I’m still a little in awe at how I really see myself in the pictures, not just what I look like, but who I am. Even friends have said, “Wow, these capture YOU perfectly.” I know these new images I’ve received from you are going to be way more effective than the ones I’ve used in the past… beyond a doubt. I hope anyone who is considering this will stop waiting and do it! Regardless of how you choose to use the photos, the incredible sense of confidence and positive self image and the incredible overall experience is so valuable. THANK YOU!!! – Solveig S.

top headshot photographer in Portland Oregon

During the photo shoot, Briena gently and professionally guided me through my first real photo session. She calmed my nervousness with clear instructions.

At the end, I was able to choose from many photos, several of which I loved. The makeup, lighting, and composition were excellent, and I can't wait to see the final result! Based on the portfolios of both Renée and Briena, I am certain I will love my final, edited headshot! - Catie N

beautiful small business owner entrepreneur woman with glasses in brown leather coat professional casual business portrait headshots

Briena was amazing!! She helped me relax and snapped some awesome photos. As a person with chronic awkward photo face, it was nice to see that I could look normal. She had good techniques to help me portray the message I wanted through the photo for my small business.

I highly recommend Sash Photography and I will be looking to them for my future photo needs.

headshot photography, business portraits and personal profile imagery in portland oregon

I asked Briena to do my professional headshot for my LI profile and other professional communities. She helped me work through my awkwardness of getting a headshot and achieve exactly what I was looking for – confidence and approachability portrayed in a photo. Within the first week of posting the headshot I received several comments on a great pic and inquiries on new job opps! What a difference it makes! – Tammie E.

beautiful young lady natural pose in studio for good dating profile picture

Hi Brie and Renee, I first want to say that I love how the photos turned out. The photos looked glamorous and the way makeup made me look turned me into a perfect version of me, but still very real and true to myself. I like how the light and camera made me look also glamorous that I don’t get to be in everyday life. I like how the expressions on my face came effortlessly. I couldn’t imagine feeling so comfortable in front of a lens. I was anxious and excited, and nervous at the same time in anticipation of what to expect for my photo session. I had never taken professional or studio photos and was always insecure that I might look silly or not photogenic enough. I had also never had professional makeup done and as soon as I sat in Renee’s makeup chair, I felt comfortable and relaxed. Something about how genuinely enthusiastic you were made me feel ready to be ‘experimented on. Once the makeup was done I was so positively surprised that you transformed me into a different image of me, and I was so happy to see the transformation. Renee, your compliment of my skin made me feel very comfortable because I could sense your sincerity. I like how you accentuated my best features and made the makeup so flawless. I also like how you played with the new style for my hair and it made me think of using this style for going out in the future, something I didn’t even anticipate coming out of this experience. The new hairstyle, I believe, suited me very well and the outfit that you guys prepared for me was perfect and feminine for this look. Thank you so much for playing with colors and giving me a look that was even better than I could have ever imagined.

You can take as many selfies as you want, but the lighting and professional angles and the direction you gave me brought out some aspects that most people cannot do for themselves and everyone owes her/himself at least to try a photoshoot with you. You make a great team! And Brie, you have this natural ease with your camera and effortless way to guide people to take the most natural positions that turn out great! I trusted your vision completely and I’m glad I did. I used one of the photos in my Facebook and everyone’s reaction was so positive that I couldn’t have wished for a better result. My closest friend said I looked like a ‘hot mama’ and others said: ‘you should model more often, you look so natural’. Some guy friends commented that I looked ‘very beautiful’ and I know they meant it.

As a single mom of a toddler, I get so busy with everyday, hectic stuff in my life, it felt so awesome to feel so glamorous and pampered in your studio. I also admit that I don’t spend money on something that is not essential or is not useful for me or my child, but this experience and what you take away with you you is so much more than a confidence booster, it’s just as luxurious or relaxing of an experience as a massage or a facial, even better. I also would encourage all my single friends to do this, whether it’s for a profile in a dating site or just for themselves; your photos look so beautiful, but also authentic so I still feel like myself and not some photoshoped version of me ? I would also encourage real estate professionals or anyone updating their Linkedin profiles to use your services, because you make everyone look so brilliantly captivating that it would definitely bring in clients to any business. You gave me so many photos that I can be proud of, even having these to look back on and say, “gosh, I look so pretty”, is an experience on its own to cherish. I was always afraid to take professional photos in a studio, because I thought I would feel silly or be ‘frozen’ behind a camera, but it felt like just two friends chatting up and catching up, and it was easy to open up and come up with poses that came naturally and so creatively as if they were always there waiting to be captured.

Thank you again for doing this for me, ever since I saw your gorgeous photos in my FB thread, I kept thinking ‘I wish I could have you take my photos and make me look pretty’, and now this came to fruition. I am so happy you took the time to fulfill one of my dreams. You obviously have a talent to bring out the best in front of the camera. I wish could encourage more people to take photos at your studio, but I know the photos you’ve taken so far speak louder than words. Keep up the awesome work! – Nazira K.