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Thank you for your purchase... we're excited to have you join us for our special headshot event to celebrate a New Year and a New You!

You still have one more action step to secure your session time!

The event will take place from 12:00p @ 4:00p on January 31st, with sessions beginning every 15 minutes.

If you have not done so already, please let us know if there are any times that do NOT work for you by emailing us at

We will then contact you with your reserved session time. We will do our best to work around everyone's time restrictions.

More Details


Ladies -

Come to the studio prepared with your foundation/concealer/powder on and your hair clean and dry. Renee will apply eyeshadow/mascara to highlight your eyes as well as bronzer/blush to warm and contour your face. Feel free to curl or straighten your hair ahead of time and Renee will arrange and add texture/body with products.

Guys -

Come to the studio prepared with your face and hair clean and dry. Renee will apply concealer/powder to color correct blemishes and eliminate shine. Renee will arrange and add texture/body to your hair with products


The SP Studio is located in the historic brick Portland Storage Building in the inner SE Industrial District, directly next to City Liquidators at:

215 SE Morrison

Portland OR 97204


There is a small parking lot for the building. You are welcome to occupy any empty spaces in the lot. If there are no available spaces, there is free parking under the bridge and around the building. There is also a lot across the way for just $5/day.


Please arrive 15 minutes early. Walk up the loading platform and wait inside the big roll-up door. Someone will be down to bring you up to the studio. We'll be making rounds to bring people up from the lobby every 15 minutes. Feel free to arrive extra early and come lounge in the studio with us!


Please keep our numbers in your phone in case you need anything:

Briena Sash: 971.344.1073

Renee Bruhn: 971.645.6936

If you have any questions between now and then, let us know. We're excited to see you!

Love, Renee + Briena

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