Mom – A Prop for High School Senior Photos? | Senior Session

I just have to give a special shout-out to moms.

First of all… you’re awesome!

Second of all… I LOVE it when you want to sit in for a photo or two with your high school senior! Honestly, what’s more special years down the road than to look back at your senior photos and see some with the people that mean the most to you and have been the biggest influences in  your life?

I understand that it’s not ‘part of the package’ to many senior photographers, but family is an incredibly important part of my life… and I’m so happy when it is also yours.  ( Plus… if a senior is cool enough to want a photo with mom… like I’m going to say no! 😉 ) I gladly invite mom to sit in for a couple shots with my seniors. It means the world.

Here’s a shot from a recent senior photo session I had up at Pittock Mansion with Anna and her mom Becky …



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