Headshots – Hoof and Up – Barefoot Horse Trimmer

Headshots | Diedra Petrina – Barefoot Trimmer

We recently had a small business photo session with Diedra Petrina, owner/master equine hoof trimmer of Hoof and Up.

Diedra specializes in a natural hoof care called barefoot trimming. This is a trimming style which allows a horse to roam barefoot without shoes. It is a progressive treatment that can transform horse lives… and, let us say, we saw horse lives transformed before our very own eyes!

We took a trip to the vet to view x-rays showing the results of Diedra’s miraculous care on Charlie, a horse facing death row. When Diedra began treatment on him, the horse’s bone was nearly pushing through his skin. Usually, with his disorder, a horse is put down. But comparing ‘before’ x-rays to those taken after 6 months of Diedra’s expert barefoot hoof treatment showed incredible improvement… giving Charlie hope for survival!

Charlie is not Diedra’s only success story. It was equally amazing hearing raves from some of her clients! One woman we spoke to was thrilled to see her horse, who could barely shuffle his feet due to improper hoof care, running and frolicking in the pasture after Diedra’s treatment!

As animal lovers, Sash Photography is truly grateful to Diedra’s talent and expertise. She is truly amazing. Watching her at work with horses was like watching a real living Robert Redford-esque horse whisperer. We were honored to have a headshots session with her.

We opted to do environmental headshots for Diedra, to create a feel for her equine profession. These photos will be used on her site to show her in action, making miracles happen. Thank you, Diedra, for being an amazing person!


Visit Diedra’s website: HoofandUp.com

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