Headshot Tips What to Wear

headshot tips what to wear

Reflect Your Personality + Relay Your Message

“What should I wear for my headshots?”

It’s the number one top question I get asked as a headshots photographer. The answer is honestly entirely subjective and dependent on many factors.

When planning your outfit, first keep in mind that traditional ‘headshots’ are just that – a shot of your head. They show very little of your clothing, often just neck and shoulders. Unless you’ve booked one of Sash Photography’s Headshot Deluxe sessions, your shirt/top will be the only piece of clothing you need to plan out.

To Set The Mood Of Your Imagery, Consider These Factors When Choosing Your Outfit…

Your Profession

Be sure to choose an outfit type that suits your profession. It’s probably obvious that a yoga instructor will choose to wear something entirely different from a lawyer.

Your Motive/Purpose

Are you seeking a job? Enlisting for online dating? Promoting your teachings? Each of these will influence what you wear. For instance, if you are an actress, you may want to wear a classic, solid-colored subdued shirt which really draws attention to your face. Using profile imagery for online dating? Choose something that really represents who you are and what you’re into, for instance an REI shirt because you love outdoor activities. Applying for jobs? A button up shirt often gives the impression of a professional look.

Your personality

Consider choosing clothing that reflects your personality. If you’re laid back and casual, you may choose to wear subtle neutral colors. Artsy? Throw in a vibrant pop of color – perhaps a bold yellow necklace or fun classic polka dot pattern shirt or tie peeking underneath a cardigan or blazer. Throwing in personality with taste can really make your imagery stand out.

Your Message 

Think of a few words that embody the look or message you want to convey. For instance… timeless, sassy, fun, professional, casual, approachable… and keep these in mind when perusing through your closet. Focusing on specific words can help to stay focused on the look and message you are trying to create, allowing the process of choosing your clothes to happen more naturally. A performer focusing on a ‘timeless’ look, might choose an Audry Hepburn-esque high neck solid black or horizontally striped vintage-cut shirt. An art director focusing on ‘fun and professional’ might opt for a solid neutral color with a pop of vibrant color in her necklace or glasses, and a family physician focusing on ‘professional and approachable’ might opt for a nice low key, clean cut sweater with a warm tone.


Let’s talk color. Unless you’re a fashion diva or bold artsy personality, I recommend playing it safe and sticking to a neutral color such as black, grey or tan. Sometimes with a pop of color. Subtle colors won’t take away from the most important aspect of your headshot… your face. However, I do recommend taking your eye color into consideration. Your eyes engage your viewers and tell about you. As you know, they are ‘the window to your soul’. Consider a color that really makes your eyes pop!

When in Doubt

If you can’t figure out what to wear, I recommend sticking to something simple, casual-nice, and timeless. Normally soft or neutral solid colors. Button-up or high neck line in order to really frame your face.

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