Five Headshot Tips for Linkedin

handsome South African man LinkedIn headshot profile image taken in Dundee Oregon

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about profile imagery for social profiles, so I thought I’d share a few headshot tips for one of the most popular social networking platforms…   Linkedin.

Just how important is your profile image on social platforms such as Linkedin?

If you’ve visited the Sash Headshots homepage lately, you may already have read that, According to Forbes, your LinkedIn photo is essential… “You’re seven times more likely to have your profile viewed if you have one… In fact, HSN Beauty found that, when paging through LinkedIn profiles, 19% of recruiters look only at your profile picture.

If you are being judged by prospective clients, investors and employers,  your profile image better relay the message you want them to comprehend.

Here are five tips for your Linkedin profile image:

  1. You and only you. Your profile should represent you and you alone. Regardless of how much you love your baby, boyfriend or puppy, LinkedIn is a professional networking platform, therefore, your profile image should remain professional and should be all about you.
  2. Showcase your beautiful face. The most effective profile images are ‘headshots’ which frame just that… your head. Full body shots are not necessary and actually weaken the impact of your image.
  3. Look at the Camera. Although candid images are beautiful, people are attracted to eyes. I highly recommend choosing an image in which you’re looking forward at the camera/viewer.
  4. Make it square. Linkedin showcases square images. Ask your photographer to deliver your headshot adjusted to optimize a square cropping.
  5. Go Pro. Hire a professional. A $200-$400 investment is nothing if it’s the difference between landing you your dream job or not. I invite you to peruse through the vast gallery of Linkedin profiles and take note of the images that stand out to you. Chances are, they’re the same images that will stand out to prospective employers. And chances are they’re professionally done. There’s a big difference between a selfie or snapshot in crispness, lighting, and overall impact. Consider how you want to brand yourself. Would a Mercedes Benz dealer represent himself with a selfie? Would Nike sell their shoes with snapshot images? No way. These are high end products, and their branding (this includes their photography) fits their status. So should yours.

I asked Briena to do my professional headshot for my LI profile and other professional communities. She helped me work through my awkwardness of getting a headshot and achieve exactly what I was looking for – confidence and approachability portrayed in a photo. Within the first week of posting the headshot I received several comments on a great pic and inquiries on new job opps! What a difference it makes! – Tammie E.

Beautiful professional Nashville Tennessee entrepreneur woman headshot taken outdoors in Portland, Oregon