Headshot Tips Clothing + Prep for your Session

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Headshot Tips Clothing + Prep

If you are prepping for your Headshot Session with Sash Photography here in Portland, Oregon or are working with any other pro-photographer, here are some uber-helpful, easy and VERY important clothing and prep tips that you should know about.

Session Preparation Tips

1. Wrinkles – They will show. Be sure to iron your clothes as needed before the shoot.
2. Pils – Pils show. Be sure to choose items free of pils and/or take necessary measures to remove them.
3. Animal Hair – If you have animals, be sure to use a sticky roller to remove hair from your clothes. It really shows, especially on black.
4. Shear fabric – Shear fabric does not photograph well. It many super stretchy shear fabrics not only show off, but enhance bumps and bulges… those pesky bra strap pinches… you will not like it, believe me. What’s more, some shear fabrics are actually somewhat transparent with flash photography. Take my word… Avoid it.
5. Patterns – Avoid trendy patterns which distract from your face + go out of style.
6. Logos – Always avoid logos in your professional photography sessions.
7. Solid White – I generally recommend avoiding solid white. It shows too much, can distract as a bright color, and makes objects look larger (ladies typically don’t like that.)

8. Hair Ties – Never wear them on your writs the day of a session. If your hand is visible in the shot and you forgot to take it off… let’s hope it looks like a bracelet. As a photographer, I always try to watch for them, but sometimes I miss them. Even if I do catch it and ask you to take it off… now you will have a red ring mark around your wrist. The best solution is NOT to wear them.

9. Makeup – Consider having it professionally done. Even if you never wear makeup, a professional MUA can make you look natural and camera ready, smoothing out your skin, enhancing your eyes and covering blemishes. It truly gives that professional edge. This is your professional headshot. It’s worth splurging on just this once.

10. Dress for Success – You’ve heard it before. This may be an occasion to go out and buy a new outfit. It’s about looking good, but it’s also about feeling confident. If new clothes help you feel amazing, it’s a worthy excuse to go out and find a new shirt that pulls off the look you want to convey to your potential clients/employer. What’s more, you don’t have to deal with faded color, stains, pils or cat fur. Iron as needed and you’re good to go!