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Now we're getting to the sweet stuff... how to get headshots you love. Whether you’re preparing for your first headshot experience, or updating an outdated professional portrait, going into your session with a strong understanding of how to achieve your best results can have a major impact on your finished product. Here are some of our top tips for professionals across the board… actors, realtors, health practitioners and entrepreneurs of all kinds.

Headshot Tips – How to Look Less Stiff, More Relaxed, Genuine + Natural

Just Say No To Stiffly Posed Headshots Ever notice that ever-popular trend of stiffly posed headshots? I was in Nordstrom Rack a few months ago and noticed some framed employee headshots on the wall in the restroom hallway. They looked professional, but had that same stiff stale signature look of most every other headshot I…

Headshot photo shoot tips – Showcase What You Do

Headshot photo shoot tips – Showcase What You Do

I recently headed up to Washington State for a headshot session with talented craftsman, Dennis Bogue. It was equally as fun to see Dennis’ shop and hear his stories of years-long experiences working with other masters of the trade as it was to have a session with him.  It’s next to impossible to catch a shot…