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Everybody knows how important first impressions are. But not everybody knows that the “first impression” is actually only a seven second window upon first meeting someone.

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It is said that you have only 7 seconds to make a first impression. Make it a good one. Your headshots and website imagery play a vital role in your viewers’ first impression of you and your company.

Whether you are updating your professional or personal profile, visual impact can have a huge influence on the your viewer’s first impression.

Your headshot is a virtual representation of you. Your virtual representation may be the first encounter a potential client has with you and your business. Your website profile gives you an opportunity to make a great, personable, impactful first impression on potential clients.

According To Time Magazine, 55% Of Web Viewers Stay On A Site For Only 15 Seconds. Your Headshots And Website Imagery Play A Vital Role In Your Viewers Decision To Stay On Your Page Or Navigate Away.

It’s important that your headshots and website imagery reflect your brand and convey your message. The opportunity to convey your message… confidence, professionalism, approachability… offers you an amazing advantage. You have an opportunity to let clients know you are a person they can trust and a person with whom they want to do business. Our mission is to draw that out of you… to reveal your authentic personality and the message you wish to convey in a single image.

In addition to headshots for professionals and in response to the many inquiries from small business owners and professionals who understand the essential need for professional imagery, we’ve begun offering photography and packages specifically designed for website imagery updating and for the further promotion and marketing of small businesses and professionals. Our headshot and promotional package options are designed to suit different professions… from health care practitioners, to cafe and boutique store owners, to actors, musicians and artists.

What do you need in order to establish a professional branding look across your website, social media, promotional and marketing materials?

  • Are you a yoga or reiki master needing photography showcasing your studio and in-action shots?
  • Are you a realtor wanting to stand out and set your branding look apart from the typical stale photography common in the realty world?
  • Are you a health practitioner, wanting to represent yourself with a professional, yet approachable image?
  • Do you own a clothing boutique and need seasonal lookbook imagery?

We offer photography services and complete packages to professional in and around Portland, Oregon. We help you to build your brand, and help promote you and your business through quality imagery.

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