Best Headshot Photographers In Portland | Fine Editing - See The Difference

See the difference in fine editing versus batch program processing and see what it takes to be one of the best headshot photographers in Portland and Lake Oswego, Oregon.

We go far beyond the popular headshot trend of ‘snap and deliver’. We also avoid over-processing with popular batch-edit programs which cut corners, remove skin textures and leave subjects looking unnatural and cartoon-like. Our studio takes pride in delivering beautiful, high quality imagery with a professional, hand-crafted, natural-looking finish. We invest hours into finely retouching every image, removing temporary blemishes, but leaving skin texture and unique attributes untouched.

See the difference in what makes Sash Photography an award-winning leader in our industry…

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Out of Camera – Lighting-only Adjustment – Batch Program – Fine Handcrafted Edit

 We have put side-by-side comparisons to make it easier for you to see the difference between non-retouched images, popular batch edit program jobs and our finely hand-crafted work.

How to edit headshots
Out of Camera Sash Fine Hand-Crafted Retouch Job

Our hand-crafted edit – vs. – Light + Color Adjustment Only/No Retouching

Edited for Lighting/Color Only - No Retouching Sash Fine Hand-Crafted Retouch Job

Our hand-crafted edit – vs. – Program edit

Popular Batch-Edit Program Job Sash Fine Hand-Crafted Retouch Job

Popular batch editing programs make editing as quick as clicking a button, but produce a low quality, over-edited look.

The popular batch-edit program restructures the face, erases skin texture, applies fake tan, darkens outlines and brightens eyes to an unnatural, comic glow.