Headshot Photographers Portland | Artist Nicola Breuer

unique outdoor headshot photographers for artists, actors and musicians Portland Oregon, Lake Oswego, Oregon City

I recently had the pleasure of a headshot session with artist Nicola Breuer of Nicola Thea Design. This girl is absolutely inspiring. She has devoted her life to self searching and working through her past in order to be present to explore herself and who she is on a deeper level. Her paintings have been a therapeutic form of self realization and self expression and, to me, show incredible amounts of growth and strength.

Nicola had never had a headshot session before and wanted something that truly embodies her energy and expresses her internal vision. She connects deeply with nature, so we headed down to the gorgeous natural wetlands of Portland’s Oaks Bottom in the early spring. I love the colors of the wetlands at that time of the year… neutral browns and tans of different shades make for an incredible natural backdrop. And I loved Nicola’s choice of clothing for her headshot session. Very soft, neutral and natural so as to fit the environment and not distract from her face. She looks like she fits right in to her natural environment.

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