Headshot photo shoot tips – Showcase What You Do

I recently headed up to Washington State for a headshot session with talented craftsman, Dennis Bogue.

It was equally as fun to see Dennis’ shop and hear his stories of years-long experiences working with other masters of the trade as it was to have a session with him.  It’s next to impossible to catch a shot with a serious face on this guy.

Dennis wanted more than a typical headshot. He wanted imagery that speaks of who he is and what he does. Here are some tips on how we showcased Dennis’ profession in his headshot photo shoot.

Headshot Photo Shoot Tip #1: Setting

For some artisans, practitioners and entrepreneurs, I recommend environmental headshots in order to create a feel and show off what you do. This is especially great for artisans, health and wellness practitioners and artists. Usually the best setting is in your work space, i.e. workshop, studio, office or on job location.

For Dennis’ headshots, we chose the setting of his wood shop, surrounded by his tools and machines that exuded character and told a story about him and what he does.

Headshot Photo Shoot Tip #2: Tools / Props

Adding tools as props and accessories can create an even more elaborate story. Consider bringing in common tools which people identify with your profession and tools which you use every day. For instance, are you a yoga instructor? Consider using a matt or bolster. A chef might use an apron/chopping knife. A doctor would use a stethoscope.

To enhance Dennis’ headshots, we used his well-worn apron and filled the pockets with a measuring tool, glasses and pencil. These items pulled together a story and added a lot of character to our imagery.

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