Four Good Headshot Tips for Mature Women

beautiful mature woman headshot profile image by top photographer in Portland, Oregon

I absolutely love an opportunity to photograph a mature woman. There is so much strength and wisdom and unbelievable amounts of beauty within them.

What’s interesting and, intact, alarming to me, is the fact that most mature women who come to me to be photographed are entirely insecure about the way they look and are hesitant to have their portrait taken at all. Many women come to me, hoping to rebuild a new vision of themselves… hoping to see themselves in a more beautiful, positive way. And I almost always am informed of their biggest insecurities (often wrinkles or weight) and asked to try to ‘hide’ those.

You may have seen the popular Dove video which calls out the alarming insecurities of women with the message ‘You’re more beautiful than you think’. If you haven’t seen in, watch it here:

There’s a crazy, devastating issue with women here in the United States, not seeing themselves for who they truly are, but seeing themselves for the lack of who they think they should be.

It’s particularly rewarding to me when I get to show a woman the version of her that I see. Sometimes, it’s the first time she’s seen herself as beautiful. And that is the beginning moment of change. That’s when the seed is planted. When she now can’t help but question her self-degrading thoughts, and wonder if it’s true… that maybe she really is beautiful after all.


“If your compassion does not include yourself… it is incomplete.” – Buddha

Here are some good headshot tips for mature women:

  1. Wear something that you feel beautiful in.
  2. During the session, concentrate your thoughts on someone or something you deeply love, and let that love stream out through your eyes. These portraits are not just about what’s on the surface, I want to draw out your deepest most inner beauty.
  3. Color is important. Make sure you wear a color which really compliments your skin tone.
  4. Trust your photographer. If you’ve looked through your photographer’s portfolio and you know you love and connect with their style,  trust him/her to do their magic.