Family Pictures Portland | Sellwood Riverfront Park

beautiful sun drenched family at Sellwood Riverfront Park in Portland Oregon

Family Pictures Portland | Toner-Kamyszek Family

Although I don’t openly advertise for family portrait photography, I have had so many requests and lately I’ve been loving my family sessions so much that I’ve decided to change my mind.

This awesome family had me do their son’s high school senior portraits last fall. Carson just graduated from Cleveland High School here in Southeast Portland and his session is, to this day, toward the top of my list as all time favorites. Most likely, it’s because I simply don’t get the chance often to photograph senior guys. Guys are funny because they’re terrified they’ll end up with those stale, posed, leaning-awkwardly-against-a-tree senior pics. Every single guy I’ve had in a senior portrait session to this date has told me they thought the session was going to be lame, but actually had a great time and LOVE their photos.

Carson and his mom loved his photos so much, that they came back for a family session just before Carson heads out for college. I’m so glad they did, because we got some super beautiful shots.

We headed to Oaks Bottom grassy field to get some tan fall grasses in a beautiful outdoor setting. The sun was going down and we got some gorgeous sun flair and back lighting.

P.S. You can check out this family for some ideas on what to wear for your family session. They coordinated beautifully in their soft tones and casual attire.

After the field, we headed up the road to get some water shots at Sellwood Riverfront Park. The sun was glowing off the river next to the Sellwood Bridge.

Love our results. Thanks to this wonderful family for trusting me for a second time as their photographer. I love working with such a cool family.

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