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I won’t lie… Destination weddings are my favorite weddings. You might think there’s obvious reasoning behind this, and yes, I do love traveling to exotic lands with sand and sunshine, but that’s not the full story.

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Take this… my most recent wedding in Cancun, Mexico… as a good example. When the bride and groom decided to have a destination wedding, they originally had visions of the Caribbean. But they wanted their parents to be able to join them and so opted for Mexico, which would save travel time and money. That was the biggest decision they had to make in the entire planning process. From then on, they found an incredible all-inclusive resort, Now Jade Riviera in Cancun, Mexico, and things were entirely taken care of.

All-Inclusives Make Wedding Planning Stress-Free. I’m not generally a resort fan, but in this case, I’m all for it. So many couples stress out about all the details they have to pull together for their wedding… Finding a caterer, a venue, a florist, makeup and hair artist, a cake maker… making sure everything’s coordinated… Yes, this is time-consuming, stressful, and muey expensive. Phyllis had to decide on one main thing… which all-inclusive wedding package she wanted at her resort. From there, everything was taken care of. Like magic. All she had to do was show up!

Saving Big Bucks. Yes, there are travel costs, but destination weddings can save tons of money. The couple paid a lump sum for their wedding package at Jade Riviera, but it included absolutely everything. This is what they got…. a wedding coordinator, a honeymoon suite, a candlelight dinner on the beach the night before their wedding, all meals, a beautiful bouquet, hair & makeup professionally done, a ceremony on the beach entirely setup with a decorated arbor, big flower arrangements, speakers to project music & the exchanging of vows, and chairs for guests, a champagne toast, an extra photographer for guests, a 5 course meal on the beach for the entire wedding party, all alcohol and a wedding cake. No separate fees… it was all-inclusive and the couple was pampered! By saving money on everything else, they decided to invest in the most important part of their wedding… me. They decided good photography that will last forever was the most important investment of their wedding. So, I had the enjoyment of flying to Mexico to join them & to be a part of one of the most special moments in their lives.

Laid Back. Barefoot on the beach is my idea of an ideal ceremony! The bride didn’t even have shoes to go with her dress. She went barefoot the entire day.

Amazing Photo Ops. Yep, there are always beautiful spots for photos in these places.

Small & Intimate. This pretty much tops the cake for me on why I love destination weddings. They are ALWAYS small and intimate. Many weddings are a whirlwind. Partially, because there are so many guests and people floating around and the bride & groom want to be sure to greet them all. Between guests, rituals, and all their other duties, it seems the couple is running around all day and they don’t really have time to sit still, soak it up and be in their moment. The couple had a total of 7 guests. Parents and best friends. It was so incredibly beautiful and everyone was able to spend quality time with one another and show their incredible amount of love. This also means that I get the opportunity to spend more time with people and get to know them individually and as a group. A major plus for me, the photographer.

What better way to provide purpose to traveling than to plan a wedding? This is a trip that every single person will look back at and remember with an incredible amount of love and joy. As for me, it will stand out as one of my most memorable weddings. That’s pretty easy, when I have sand, sunshine, ocean breezes, and wonderful people to associate it with.

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  1. SF City Hall Wedding on May 15, 2013 at 8:46 pm

    Your camerawork is astounding. I have noticed some extraordinary flashes in your photography which simply portrays your brilliance in this realm. Only a good artist is capable of capturing the soul of the moment and I believe you are one of them. Save the good work.

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