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unique casual lifestyle professional dating profile examples for women photography of beautiful 30s woman by top headshot photographer in portland oregon

Your profile photo is really essential to getting noticed. It’s the first thing someone sees in the search results, it’s the first thing they see when you message them, and it can set the tone for your entire profile. – OKCupid Photography Guide

Ladies –

Do you keep attracting a ton of the “wrong” men, over and over? Are you perplexed about where to start when it comes to attracting the right attention? Are you wondering why you keep ending up on dates that are straight up painful? You don't want to attract every guy...  you just want to attract the right guy?

Men –

Are you tired of putting yourself out there online, spending hours revising your dating profile and reaching out to women, but receiving zero response? Are you clueless about what to wear and what it takes to create a profile photo that is attractive to women?

We have formulated an answer to the common question plaguing the online dating world: “Why am I only attracting the ‘losers’?” After working with countless friends and clients and seeing their results turn around, we have resolved the issue with specialized photo sessions entirely unique to the Portland area. Our power team has created an original profile formula of “casual lifestyle” imagery designed and proven, client after client, to greatly increase the chances of attracting the “right type of people.”

Wow. You made the process totally painless. Thank you. - Rowan M

Our imagery is designed to give your viewer the feeling like they are sitting in the room with you or out on a walk with you, engaging and getting to know you and sampling gestures of your personality, with glimpses of those intriguing aspects of you that the right sort of person can connect with.


We pair proven strategy with award-winning talent to deliver you imagery that gets results.


I had wonderful success on Match. My friends had a good chuckle as I conducted an intense meet and greet period with potential suitors. I’ve met someone wonderful!  You really helped me capture  what I wanted to convey to that special someone – confident, approachable, outgoing  and warm. I’ve been recommending that my single girlfriends do the same thing, and I’ve recommended you highly. - Melanie M

Having experienced the world of online dating, and watching countless friends struggle all the same, we understand how frustrating, boggling and confusing it can be. Just how much do you want to invest yourself in this… especially considering how things have gone in the past?

We’ve experienced incredible success, time and time again… Watching our friends and clients experience 180s after updating their profile selfie with a professional profile portrait custom created by us. Most of our clients report back immediate success of attracting interest from potential suiters after posting their new profile image. I, personally, have photographed the engagements and weddings of my clients. It can work. You and your happiness are worth your very best efforts.

When I uploaded the new photos to my profile, I noticed an immediate positive effect. In the first 3-days, I scheduled 3 new dates for the week. I cannot over emphasize this: having professional, high-quality photos on your OKCupid profile is a quick and easy change you can make to improve your online dating experience. – Kai Davis, OKCupid Photography Guide

The Sexy Solo

  • 20 minutes
  • 1 digital file (lightly edited for a natural look, web-resolution & ready to upload)
  • 1 Outfit
  • In-studio or outside (pre-determined location)
  • Option to purchase more files

The Formula

  • 40 minutes
  • 10 digital files (lightly edited for a natural look, web-resolution & ready to upload)
  • 2 Outfits
  • In-studio or outside (pre-determined location)
  • Option to purchase more files and/or upgrade to print-resolution images

The Couture

  • 90 Minutes
  • 20 digital files (lightly edited for a natural look, web-resolution & ready to upload)
  • 4 Outfits (time dependent)
  • In-studio, outside, or both (pre-determined location)
  • Option to purchase more files and/or upgrade to print-resolution images

Our Online Dating Sessions will be great for you if:

  • You’ve tried online dating and have been attracting the wrong sort of dates… couch potatoes, sleazy characters, people who are flat out the wrong sort and with whom you have absolutely nothing in common.
  • You feel nervous in front of the camera, have had a bad past photo experience, or have never had a picture of yourself that you’ve liked.
  • If you need someone to help guide you through the posing for a non-posed, natural look and to draw out an engaging image.
  • If you want a professional image that looks natural and engaging, rather than stiff and shallow.
  • If you appreciate high quality imagery and artful makeup enhancement.

Our photography sessions probably are not suited for you if:

  • Your most important requirement when considering a photography studio is the cheapest price, rather than a high quality experience and product.
  • You’re just looking for a snapshot or department store-styled portrait.

Like many people my profile was full of ill-lit selfies and 5-year-old pictures taken at parties, needless to say I was not attracting the type of person I was interested in... I swiftly added the new photos to my dating account, and the effect was immediate... I feel having photos that showed both my inner and outer beauty gave me a new sense of confidence. Before the new pictures I was worried that “maybe I don’t look that cute anymore” or “I have gained 10 pound sense that photo was taken, will he notice”… all of those thoughts were gone, the images replaced with photos that made me feel amazing about myself in every way. - Sarah C