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I can’t tell you how many times my team and I have seen our clients’ response rates soar after finally getting pro photos done.

– Virtual Dating Assistants 

So, you’ve decided to give it a shot at online dating. Either you’re brand new to the scene, or you’ve tried, given up, and are feeling a little crazy about the idea, but what the heck, you’re back for more. And this time, you’re getting serious. No more bathroom mirror selfies… you’re tired of attracting couch potatoes and sleaze bags… you’re ready to send off the right signals to attract the RIGHT person. Time to upgrade your photos for online dating.
It can be completely frustrating, exhausting and disheartening putting yourself out there and not getting any response or interest, or continuously attracting the wrong sort of person.
We’ve been there and done that and have watched countless friends do the same. Don’t give up; we’re here to help.

We’ve Helped Countless Clients Turn Around Their Online Dating Results To Start Attracting The Right Type Of Guys/Girls And Reignite Their Love Of Online Dating, Simply By Updating Their Profile Photo. 

We’ve discovered an amazing ability of producing natural, authentic dating profile headshots that work. Our profile headshots are not just standard pictures. They’re imagery that catch attention and relay a deeper sense of who you are, allowing a feeling of connection from your viewer. Not only are our profile images effective in attracting viewers, but we’ve had overwhelming response from our clients who tell us they feel more confidence and have created a new self view and self respect after their experience with us.

I hope anyone who is considering this will stop waiting and do it! Regardless of how you choose to use the photos, the incredible sense of confidence and positive self image and the incredible overall experience is so valuable. – Solveig S.

Here's What Some Of Our Client's Have To Say About Our Dating Profile Experience

Like many people my dating profile was full of ill-lit selfies and pictures taken at parties 5 years ago, needless to say I was not attracting the type of person I was interested in.

One night, after an especially painful date, I was fed up and decided it was time to get real. I booked a headshot session with Briena…  the effect was immediate. About a week after I uploaded the new photos I went on a first date with the wonderful man who has become my long-term boyfriend and best friend.

– Sarah C.

…after having had such an amazing experience with you…  I can’t believe I waited this long… I felt weird and indulgent even considering a professional photo shoot for myself. But I am SO glad I did it. I could never have captured what you did. I’m still a little in awe at how I really see myself in the pictures, not just what I look like, but who I am. Even friends have said, “Wow, these capture YOU perfectly.” I know these new images I’ve received from you are going to be way more effective than the ones I’ve used in the past… beyond a doubt.  

– Solveig S.

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Excuses... Excuses...

Are you telling yourself why you shouldn’t invest in yourself with professional dating photos? Talking yourself out of what could potentially be the best thing you’ve ever done in the history of your online dating experience? We’re used to hearing all the excuses in the book….

Hear us out… you’re here… that means, deep down inside, you have the idea that upgrading your profile to a professional image might actually be worthwhile.

We can’t make any promises, but we can tell you, excitedly, that we continue to see amazing success with our clients time and time again… and hear over and over that the original hesitations they’ve had have been demolished.

How many times have you met a guy (or girl) who looked super gorgeous in their photo… and in person, their mannerisms and personality made them completely unattractive to you?

You’ve probably also met a person who you became deeply attracted to based on their mannerisms and personality. But seeing a picture of them didn’t communicate their personality and attractiveness at all. Think about how many peoples’ profiles you’ve passed up, based on a poor profile image… and if they’d had quality imagery that really revealed something about their personality and mannerisms, you may have given them a second look or consideration.

This is what we do. We reveal more than a picture. We relay aspects of your personality and a deeper engagement through our imagery portrayal of a deeper you. It helps you and others connect.

Excuse #1

 I Don’t Want Some Cheesy Glamour Shot.

No kidding! We don’t want you looking like you’re a realtor from 1989 either. The whole point of hiring a photographer to update your online dating photos is to choose a professional that specializes in dating profiles and expressing your true personality. We could totally do glamour shots, if that’s what you’re into, but from our experience, showing you off in your best, natural state, and showcasing engaging aspects of your personality, rather than a gaudy facade, is the best most effective way to get the results you want and attract the right type of person for you.

Excuse # 2

I’m Not Photogenic. I Don’t Think Anything Will Help.

We get this all the time. It’s true, some people photograph better/easier than others. But everyone deserves to see themselves in the most beautiful way and to have a photograph of themselves that they love and are proud to show to the world.

The result of how you are portrayed in a photograph has a ton to do with your photographer. How comfortable a photographer makes you feel, how experienced they are with lighting and technical knowledge, and how they see you all influence the overall results of your portrait.

Our photographer has a true gift at making people feel comfortable and at ease and seeing the beauty in the person she’s photographing. It’s very common for our clients to tell us that they’ve never felt so beautiful… or have never liked a photo of themselves until having a session with us.

Excuse # 3

I Can Just Use A Selfie Or Have My Friend Take My Photo.

True. You could. But honestly, it’s hard to be the photographer and the model at the same time and be able to capture a relaxed, natural state of your personality. Plus… lighting, posing, angle, styling, hair, makeup, background… these are all setting the tone for your image and sending a message. Your friend has the best intentions, but if they’re not all on point, you’re cutting yourself short.


… my prior experiences had been so difficult and the results were…well, just not good…  People would say kind things like “that picture doesn’t really do you justice,” or “you’re so much prettier than that in person,”…  I had a deep-seated belief that I just wasn’t photogenic, or maybe the pictures were really how I looked and I was just unrealistic in my expectations.

Working with Briena Sash totally changed everything for me…  I now see myself as photogenic and I think I understand now how to relax and not panic whenever someone says “let me take your picture.” – Louise P.

Excuse # 4

I Hate Getting In Front Of The Camera.

Chances are you’ve had a bad experience.  I think I’m safe in saying that most of us have. Whether you hired a bad photographer that made you feel and look completely awkward, settled for department store or discount photography, ended up in a photo shoot that took eons, or received results that looked nothing like their portfolio imagery… it’s rather terrifying.

Our sessions are comfortable and deliberately designed to produce the best outcome. Our photographer is award-winning and our stylist/makeup artist is absolutely the best at what she does. We receive countless responses from our clients that compliment us on making their photo shoot a painless, hassle-free breeze… and, in fact, pretty fun!


Excuse # 5

I Don’t Know If I Want To Invest Much In This.

If you’re serious about finding a life partner, you better be willing to invest in what it takes to attract the right person. A picture doesn’t change who you are, but a good photograph has the capability to draw out and capture the depths of your personality and relay the true you to the type of person who will have the potential to connect with you. Remember, your profile image is often the first thing to catch a potential suitor’s eye… or to be passed up by him/her. A quality photo that grabs attention, and makes an impression about who you are is extremely valuable. Let alone the time, hassle and heartache it’ll save you in wasted time, countless useless dates, attracting the wrong people… and deterring the right people. Not to mention, you’re doing potential suiters a big favor in giving them a huge advantage toward determining whether or not your personality is good match for them. Everyone wins.

Excuse # 6

I Don’t Have Time To Pull Things Together For A Professional Portrait Session.

We understand what it’s like to have a busy schedule… balancing your career and home life can be all-consuming. Who are we kidding… what balance? You’ve had five Starbucks cups floating around in your car that you’ve been ‘meaning’ to clean out for the past two weeks. How are you going to find the time to pull together all the details to make a professional photo session worthwhile… i.e. making sure your photographer is experienced with dating pics and knows what style to shoot in, researching what to wear, buying a new outfit, scheduling a stylist for hair + makeup… there’s no way. Psych! We’ve got it covered!

We’re making the whole process as easy as pie for you. You’ve already found the right photographer who knows what it takes to create effective dating profile images. We’ve done all the research for you on what to wear and how to prep and deliver you simple advice to guide you.  And we’ve designed inclusive sessions for you to take out all the guess work, the time researching and scheduling, and have created an all-in-one package so that you can just schedule one appointment. (Want professional hair and makeup? Ask about our options to have our HMUA come directly to the studio!)  Just bring your beautiful self, relax, and let us take over the show.

And to top it off, we deliver your digital files in ready-to-upload sizes, optimized for online use, so that you don’t have to stress about whether your mega-sized files are going to bog down your page. We even crop them to perfection for use on Linkedin upon request. Your images will be crisp and web-ready.

All this, and all it takes from you is about an hour in-studio, depending on your chosen session.

Excuse # 7

I’ve Heard It’s Best To Just Use Snapshots, Not Professional Portraits.

There are mixed recommendations floating around, as to what types of photos to use on your dating profile. Some dating services recommend avoiding professional images which ‘send mixed messages’, while others tell you that ‘If you’re serious about getting the highest quality dates online in the least amount of time possible… consider professional photos’.

What it comes down to is this… they’re actually all in agreement. They want you to show off your best self in a way that really represents who you are… but they want you to avoid fake smiles, muslin backdrops, and low-quality chin-on-your-fist 90s-style department store poses, which capture not a scent of your personality.

Imagery that gets results catches eyes, reveals your personality, and paints a picture of who you are and what you’re about. This is what we specialize in… Lifestyle headshots that make a person viewing your profile feel like they’re sitting in the room next to you, having a fun or pleasant conversation.

I have personally witnessed the transformation of online dating results by my closest friends (yes, more than one), after updating their profiles with our professional imagery. Not only have I witnessed more dates… but engagement and even marriage. This doesn’t mean they removed all their original imagery and used no snapshots at all. It does mean, however, that they provided a more eye-catching professional profile image that showed them in their best light.

Perfection in an online dating photo portfolio is a few beautiful, natural looking professional photographs that really relay your personality and capture you in your best light, and a handful of snapshots that show off the most interesting aspects of you… what you like to do, where you like to spend your time, what your hobbies are. Together, these create the perfect picture of you.

Excuse # 8

How Do I Know If It’ll Even Work?

You can’t know. It’s absolutely impossible to ever know if you’ll meet the right person. But, we are in this 100% with you. Our entire purpose is to create attention-grabbing, expressive imagery that will get you noticed, and help to showcase who you are. We can’t make any solid promises, but this will definitely increase your odds at getting more people to check out your profile and, who knows if one of those people might be your perfect match? The first step at finding the right person,  is to attract their attention. And that is what we’re here to help you do.

Excuse # 9

I Can Just Go Get My Picture Taken At The Mall For Way Cheaper.

Absolutely, you can do that. And if you don’t notice the difference in quality of imagery between our work and department store portraiture, we’re probably not a great fit for you. Here are just some of the perks to working with our boutique studio over a discounted or department store studio… 

  1. Your experience begins long before your actual photo shoot. You get to work with us in a pre-consultation to receive expert advice in prepping for your session.
  2. The option to add professional hair and makeup. Our amazing stylist meets you right here in our studio for a hassle-free one-stop experience. She'll work with you to perfect your look and get you looking like your best self. (Guys, I know you hate to hear it, but professional prep really benefits you for a photo shoot too.)
  3. Styling. We guide you though the stress of choosing your most flattering wardrobe during your session.
  4. The perfect resolution and sizing for the web. We know how to optimize your images so that they maintain their crispest quality on the web… and crop your images to perfection for use on different platforms.
  5. An overall wholesome experience. You’ll leave feeling amazing and will finally have images that represent the real you that you’ll actually be proud to share.
  6. You are working with an award-winning photographer and top-of-the-line makeup artist. Both Briena and Renee’s work has been featured by national publications and magazines.
  7. You’re working with a small boutique. That means kick-butt customer care and the fuzzy heart-warming feeling of supporting two local, independent artists.
  8. We work to get to know you, your style and personality from first connection. This is not a one-stop in-‘n-out shoot. We are building a relationship, treating you like a dear friend, and capturing the essence of you through to your end result. 

Excuse # 10

I Don’t Know How Much Effort I Want To Put Into All This Dating Stuff.

Warning: We’re going pretty deep and psychoanalytic on you here…

Having experienced the world of online dating, and watching countless friends struggle all the same, we understand how frustrating, boggling and confusing it can be. Just how much do you want to invest yourself in this… especially considering how things have gone in the past?

What if you go all in, invest a bunch of money in tactics that you have no clue if they’ll even work… and end up in the same situation of wasting time, going on tons of dead-end dates. If you’ve put that much effort into trying, it’ll really confirm your suspicions that nothings ever going to happen. Right? Wrong.

Although there are many aspects that go into a successful profile, attracting the right kind of person, and launching a successful relationship, investing in the possibility of something beautiful is entirely worthwhile. Not only are you investing in yourself and valuing yourself and your endeavors… you are also greatly increasing your chances of a positive outcome.

We’ve experienced incredible success, time and time again… Watching our friends and clients experience 180s after updating their profile selfie with a professional profile portrait custom created by us. Most of our clients report back immediate success of attracting interest from potential suiters after posting their new profile image. I, personally, have photographed the engagements and weddings of some of my clients. It can work. You and your happiness are worth your very best efforts.

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