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beautiful little girl with brown eyes, golden skin and big eyes outside wearing peach and orange flower crown head wreath against yellow wall. Unique artful kids portrait portland.

Children Picture Ideas | Flower Crown Head Wreath Art Session

Children portrait sessions can and should be beautiful and unique, capturing the essence of what makes them kids. I often have families reserve a session with me, knowing they want something different and artful, but not sure what it is they want. When a family wants something unique and artful for their children’s portraits, I know I’ve been matched with the right client.

I love coming up with unique and artful children picture ideas. For Amelie’s session, I created a custom fresh flower crown, choosing peach and orange colors I thought would look beautiful with her golden skin tone.

Flower crowns are amazing for kids. Flowers never go out of style, they are beautiful and timeless, and children absolutely LOVE to wear them. They add so much to a photo… imagine the simple change of removing the flower crown from each of these images… the whole setup is completely simple… a yellow wall or blurred outdoors backdrop, a little girl with her hair down wearing a white tank top. Completely simple image, but when you add the flower crown… wow! A complete change! It brings the life, the feel, the character and the art to the imagery.

Amelie is nine years old and came by to see the production of the flower crown making. It made her feel so special to have a headpiece crafted just for her. We walked around the neighborhood streets of SE Portland on a summer morning to find simple backdrops that wouldn’t deter from her and the beautiful flower creation. It turned out beautifully.

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