Engagement Sessions

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You did such a great job!!! Everyone loves the photos!! We can’t wait to get married and see those pics too!! Thank you soooo much.

 – Jenny

I love engagement sessions! They are so much fun and such a wonderful opportunity for me to get to know a couple who’s wedding I will be photographing… to see them interacting and to establish a comfortable groove so that, when their wedding day comes, we have an idea of what to expect and how to communicate comfortably. I find that the couples who choose to have an engagement session with me are more prepared for me on their wedding day, we are more connected, and the image results from their wedding day are even more beautiful and expressive. Why? Because I have had the opportunity to connect with them, to see them together, and am able to pull that through my images.


Part of the fun of an engagement session is choosing a location that is meaningful to you, that enhances you as a couple and displays the love & connection you have with one another. There are so many amazing locations around Portland! I have had couples choose to have their engagement session at Voodoo Donuts, Forest Park, in front of the ‘Portland’ sign, around the Portland Art Museum, on the Broadway Bridge, at the Whiskey Bar, in front of the Pancake House, in Astoria, at Fort Stevens, Timberline Lodge… the options are limitless, and every session is entirely unique to you!


There are so many additional benefits to an engagement session, even beyond us building a connection and learning how to work with one another. An engagement session is sort of like a test run. We get to test out different looks and poses. Many brides take advantage of the opportunity to have a test run with their makeup artist to see what changes they may want to make. Couples learn a lot about themselves and what they like or want to change in their facial expressions or how they hold themselves. It’s also nice simply to have professional portraits together in your every day clothes. Many couples I work with have never had professional portraits taken together. Now is a great opportunity!

Get creative! These photos are so useful! Many couples use their photos on their wedding announcements and save-the-dates. It’s also common to  use them in guest registry/sign-in books. Guests are able to write messages to the couple and are always wooed by the beauty and creative use of the images. It is also common to have one of your favorite images blown up and on display at the main entrance. I’ve even seen couples print out a photo to set on each table to be admired during the reception. There are endless ideas for how your engagement images can be used.  These images play a big part to display the love you have for one other and to set the intimate feel of your wedding.

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