Elevate Your Brand. Boost Your Image. Relay Your Value.

If you're a savvy entrepreneur eager to relay your message, you'll love this session! Here's why ...

As a passionate entrepreneur, you need a diverse selection of imagery to use across your website, social media and other marketing platforms. Imagery that tells the story of you, your passion and your business. Imagery that establishes you as an authority and fosters trust and connection among your audience.

Our Personal Branding Sessions are super fun, flexible and time-dependent. We'll shoot in-studio, on-location - or both - and spend a minimum of 2 hours hanging out, getting comfortable, walking around your favorite neighborhood, hitting up your favorite coffee shop - anything that speaks of you and your brand - in order to create imagery useful to your business and what you do.

Our goal is to create impactful, engaging imagery that speaks of your brand and maintains the beautiful, natural qualities your audience can relate to.

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"When you're able to see yourself through the eye of the photographer... and the photographer creates magic ... there is a wonderful feeling that starts happening inside you, you start feeling good about yourself, you start seeing your own magic that the photographer sees through the lens... "

- Darviny, Public Figure at

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About Our Personal Branding Sessions

Sessions start at $850 for 2 hours with me.

Most clients choose to invest $1000 - $2000 on their session.

Following our session, I cull through the imagery to select the strongest photographs which will maintain the most effective and highest quality presence for you. All imagery is lightly edited for lighting and color, maintaining a beautifully natural look. I deliver high resolution files with basic usage rights, ready to post.


  • Clothing changes are optional and time-dependent for this session.
  • Number of delivered images are dependent on your session/package choice and how we use our time together and are subject to change.
  • Files are delivered in high resolution (2048), perfect for all online use and printable up to 8x10 while maintaining best quality.
  • All imagery comes with basic usage rights to cover all your common daily business needs.