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good actor headshot tips for portland, oregon city and lake oswego

Best Actor Headshot Tips | Top Photographer Portland, OR

As an actor, you know that having a strong headshot that makes impact on first impression can be crucial to your success in landing an audition. A professional, impactful, quality headshot is the first, most essential investment you will make for your acting career. If you’re ready to update your headshots, here are some actor headshot tips to help you get the most effective results from your session.

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good actor headshot tips for portland, oregon city and lake oswego
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Actor Headshot Tips

1. Classic vs. Non-Traditional

Decide what feel you want to portray. Do you want to go with classic indoor headshots? Or do you want to go with something a little less traditional and try an outdoor session? Both settings work well and will result in a completely different look and feel.

2. Simplicity

Whether you decide on in studio or outdoors, keep the background and your clothing super simple. Acting headshots should keep the focus entirely on your face. Choose basic black, white or neutral backgrounds.

3. Captivating Color

Throw in a splash of color just to catch your viewers eye… make them take a second look.

4. Show Your Different Sides

Display how versatile you are physically and create a look to fit every type of character by creating multiple styled headshots. 1. Dressed up 2. Dressed Down 3. Dressed Casual

5. Character Faces

Try a multi-image session in which you can show off your personality and best characters by displaying different character faces.

6. Focus

Think of 1-2 words you want to portray through your images. For instance, my two favorite words are: Confident and Approachable. Focus on those words. Keep them in the front of your mind during your session.  They will help you to embody and portray your message.

7. Practice Your Faces

As a thespian, you’ve probably done this many times, so this will be second nature to you. Practice making faces at yourself in the mirror. Take note of your favorite looks.

7. Look through the lens

I always tell my subjects to look through the lens like they can see my eye. The difference is amazing. Suddenly, they are not just looking with glossy eyes in my direction, they are pulling me through the camera/image with an intensely engaging connection.