Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

So, you’ve decided to tie the knot. Congratulations!!

Now it’s time to choose your photographer.

It’s true… many wedding photographers burn out. In fact, many photographers I meet refuse to shoot weddings period! Not me… I absolutely LOVE what I do. Love love LOVE it! I do not view weddings as being ‘all the same’. On the contrary, you are unique, so is your fiance, and so will be your beautiful wedding day… Hands down, the most romantically significant day of your life. Every little detail that ties up your day and every cent of emotion that you invest goes in to creating a 100% unique experience for you… and for me.

I am always honored when a couple chooses to include me to be part of such an intimate time in their lives. Sharing such an intimate day, I find myself often becoming rather attached to the couples I shoot. I confess, you may catch me crying along side your mom.

Things to consider when choosing your wedding photographer…

First and foremost, you absolutely must like your photographer and spending time with him/her. Your photographer will very possibly be the most prominent person of your day, other than your fiance. You will spend a lot of time with them. So pick someone you like, someone you feel confident in, someone you feel comfortable with and relaxed around, and someone you trust will take the initiative to help make things run smoothly even with pressure or mishaps that may very well arise. The relationship you build with your photographer and the experience you have with him/her will have a huge influence on how your day unravels and your enjoyment of it.

Second, please please please review your photographer’s portfolio. There are many phenomenal photographers out there, but that doesn’t mean they all suit your style preference. Photographers are artists. They are all unique. And they all have their own style. A good photographer will ask you to show examples of photographs you like and examples of photos you don’t. This will give them a better idea of the style you like. They will try to match your style preference, but if it is far and beyond their own style to start, they may simply not be right for you.

So, perhaps you’ve reviewed my portfolio and you like what you see. You may ask… can I guarantee that you will love the photos I provide for you? I can not. No photographer can make such a promise. I can not guarantee that any photograph will turn out the same as any other I have shot before, nor can I promise that anyone will like the results I produce for them. Each wedding unveils different experiences which unfold and progress throughout the day. Each wedding and photo shoot is unique and so will be the results. I can, however, promise to do the very best to my ability and to produce unique images that I have taken with complete love and utmost attention to detail.  I will always give my 100% for every single couple whose wedding I have the pleasure of photographing.



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