Fashion-Forward and Innovative

Imagery by our award winning artist gets featured by national and international publications and magazines. Our studio challenges the current trends of senior portrait photography. We are an innovative, fashion-forward studio producing modern, natural looking and high end impactful artistic imagery.

We leave you Looking Natural

You may have noticed a current trend in senior photography, in which girls are left looking completely unnatural and over-edited. They have no skin texture, colors are over-saturated and eyes have a fake glow. We think over-editing is a shame and represents poor photographic skill and quality. Over-editing takes away from the natural beautiful that exists in every girl. We are dedicated to finely retouching every single image to remove temporary blemishes and to enhance the natural beauty already present in our subjects. We NEVER want our clients to look at imagery which does not truly represent their natural beauty or that leaves them feeling as though the most beautiful version of themselves is one in which is extensively retouched and enhanced. Over-editing is the easy way out and takes only the click of a button in mass production. We pour our heart and soul and countless hours into finely retouching every single image, carefully working around the natural textures and attributes that make you unique, so that you are left looking as beautiful and natural as the true you.

Magazine Style Imagery

Ever wish you could feel what it’s like to be a model in a photo shoot that makes you look like you were in a magazine? Our photographer has photographed models from Portland to Japan to Italy, providing imagery for fashion designers to local clothing boutiques. But the best part is… she loves working with every day girls best… because she believes that every girl is beautiful and model worthy. The challenge is to pull it out of each of her subjects so that they can see for themselves. Forget about the going trend, in which senior pictures all looked the same… Our imagery style will make you feel like you could be in a Free People Lookbook… it is beautiful and impactful and never boring. Our SP Senior Models have been featured by national Senior Photography publications, and this year have been published by Obscurae Fashion Magazine and German-based magazine, Vegan Live.

We offer a tailored experience to our clients

We work with you one-on-one each step of the way to mold your entire experience to you… helping you to choose which session is right for you, what clothes to wear and props to bring, and finally, we custom design artwork for you based on which finished product will best suit your lifestyle.

Your session is adapted to you.

We know that you are unique. This means that no two of our sessions are ever the same. Forget standard posing… We choose a unique location environment and work in the moment to create a look that works best to accentuate you… your personality, your attitude, your style.

Art… not just pictures.

Sash Photography award winning pro photographer, Briena Sash, is not only a photographer, but a multi-time award-winning artist. Our photography encompasses subject and environment to create more than just standard portraits… we create works of art.

Guys love us.

It’s true. We’ve heard it time and time again. There hasn’t been a single senior guy who hasn’t told us they were surprised at how much they enjoyed their session and love their imagery. We’ve won awards for our senior guy imagery and have had them offer to pay out of their own pocket for more images. No joke.

Unlimited Creativity and Technique

Our skills stretch far beyond the standard posing technique and equipment functionality of the average photographer. Our photography is skilled with studio lighting and creative lighting technique, which brings a whole new level of expertise and uniqueness into your session. Lighting skill not only allows us to get creative and spontaneous, but also allows us to conquer any environment. Lighting skill has become rare in this age of digital photography… which is one reason why our imagery stands out from the rest.

Location shoots

Portraiture has changed. You no longer want the cheesy studio poses of the nineties… thank goodness!… neither do we! Our sessions are on location. What does this mean? More fun for you… and us! It gives us ultimate flexibility to choose our surroundings… from nature to city backdrop.

Professional retouching for a natural look

Professional photography today involves super skilled retouching. It seems common that many senior photography studios we encounter either get lazy with their retouching… or go way too far. Some apply a very basic edit to their images without paying much attention to detail, such as under eye shadows and fine creases and temporary blemishes such as the dreaded… dare we say it… gasp… pimple! We zap those suckers! Temporary blemishes, such as zits should never have to be captured in your senior portraits as an eternal memory. You should look your absolute best in your senior pictures. We go the extra mile to finely retouch every single image we deliver to you. We do NOT cut corners and batch edit like many photographers. Likewise, we want you to look like a real person! This means that we know where to stop with the editing. A pimple is temporary and can be removed… but erasing the texture of your skin and the beautiful freckles on your nose is not cool. We don’t roll with either of the current fads… We don’t support raccoon eyes… and we’re not down with making you look like a comic book character. We pinpoint the most natural, beautiful aspects of you… and enhance that beauty to make you look your absolute best. I dare you to compare our imagery to images you see on other sites. You’ll see the difference.

Our heart and soul in our final product

Our service begins with our first connection and carries through to the finished product which we custom design for you. In between start and finish, we pour our heart and soul into the production and creation to deliver you the absolute best possible product imaginable. Our product is based on quality… from customer service, photo session, imagery + post production, to prints, wall art and heirloom albums, all the way down to the overall experience. We treat our clients in the way we love to be treated and only offer products that meet our standards… we will never produce a set of images that we aren’t entirely in love with. That is our promise to you.

We [Heart] your Chevy Impala

We’re talking serious props here, people. Have you heard us talk about all the things we love? Add one more to the list! We’ve had grandpa drive the orange 1967 VW Bug up from Corvalis. We’re serious about our props… bring whatever inspires you, is momentous to you, means the world to you, has been a vein in your existence. We want your senior pictures to speak of you… and sometimes that means bringing your Chevy Impala.

Additional note…

Sessions are limited only to however many clothing changes you want and how many photos we are able to take within our time frame. Our outfit change listings are simply guidelines to let you know how many outfits usually work within the time parameters of each session option, in order to get the best possible results. Bring it all… This is all about you!