Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

  • Do you shoot in RAW?
Professional photographers shoot in RAW format. This format can be likened to the digital equivalent of film negatives. RAW is an extremely large, high resolution format that is essential in order to re-touch photos after a shoot without loosing quality. Lower, resolution JPEG format simply isn’t acceptable for such important photographs. You should never accept a wedding photographer who shoots in JPEG.
Yes, I shoot in RAW format only.
  • How many years have you been shooting weddings?
Everyone has to start somewhere, but you should expect price to reflect experience. A newer photographer should offer you a lower price for your wedding coverage, however, you of course may take on more risk by hiring someone with less experience.
I have been shooting weddings now for four years.
  • Do you eat chocolate?
Never trust a photographer who doesn’t eat chocolate!
And yes, I LOVE chocolate.
  • Are you comfortable shooting in low light and using external lighting?
Believe it or not, not all photographers are comfortable using ‘artificial’ lighting or flash units. If your wedding is outdoors in the summer entirely during the day, you need not worry too much about this. Many photographers opt to use only natural light, and there is nothing wrong with that. Natural light is beautiful! However, if you are having an indoor wedding, or if your wedding goes into the night, chances are your photographer will need to bring in external light sources, such as flash units. If you are having a ‘low-light wedding’, be sure to make sure your photographer is comfortable and experienced in using external flash units.
Yes, I am very comfortable with and well practiced in using external lighting and have photographed many weddings at night, and indoors in low-light situations. 
  • Can you show me examples of your work?
Every photographer will have a portfolio they can show you, and you should certainly review it. Photographers are artists… some more so than others… and their style and work varies. You should be sure to compare several photographers and choose one whose style you love.

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