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Wellness Stock Photo by Sash Photography
  • If you’re looking for portraiture that feels natural and professional while capturing authentic aspects of your personality, you’re in the right place.

  • If you’re looking for portraiture with a unique edge that has the power to captivate and intrigue your viewers, with potential to get results, you’re also in the right place.

Hi! I’m Briena. I’m Dedicated To Creating A Completely Unique, Comfortable And Professional Experience With Portraiture You Can Feel Confident About.

If You've Ever Thought...

#1. I'm so unphotogenic and awkward in front of the camera, and there’s nothing that can help.

#2. Why does a professional headshot have to be so fake and cheesy? There’s got to be a better option.

#3. I want something different. I want something more fresh and natural that looks and feels like me. Something that suits my personality and my message.

#4. I don’t want to mess around. I want an impactful image that will attract attention and get me noticed.

... Then We'll Be a Great Fit For Each other

I’ll Help You Prep, And Guide You Through Your Session To Achieve Natural Posing And Engaging Imagery, And Deliver A Custom (100% Authentic And Non-Cheesy) Finished Product To Suit Your Needs.

You deserve a portrait experience that shows you that you are more photogenic than you think, that allows you to feel more natural, beautiful and authentic in front of the camera, that makes you feel amazing and proves that your portraiture can speak of you and reflect deeper aspects about you as a person.

I'll work to get a clear vision as to what message you want to be relaying through your photos, guide you through posing and engagement during your session, and deliver polished imagery ready for use.

What People Are Saying...

beautiful small business owner entrepreneur woman calligrapher in Portland Oregon professional portrait headshots

Briena of Sash Photograpy is wonderful to work with! She’s both professional and incredibly talented, and her studio space is a dream. During the session, she provided the perfect amount of instruction so that I had some ideas for how to pose, but it still felt like “me,” for a natural, effortless, and enjoyable experience! – Rachel J, Calligrapher

Beautiful Portland artist and yoga instructor Nicola Thea Designs in professional portrait headshot session outdoors in lush green grassy field in Columbia River Gorge

Briena Sash is an extraordinarily talented, super creative photographer rock star who has the gift to evoke the Essence of a person in her photography. Her photographs have a dreamlike, magical quality and each tell a story in images. She captures the sensuality and heart of her subjects very deeply. Each portrait is a work of art… It was a total joy and delight to have the opportunity to have Briena take my photos, like a journey into myself through another person’s eyes–she has such a special way of making me feel beautiful. I will always always use her for all photos whether professional or personal. – Nicola B, Yoga Instructor and Artist

About Award-Winning Photographer, Briena Sash

Portland Oregon Award-Winning Photographer

From World-Traveler To Nature Lover, Award-Winning Artist And Photographer

Hi, I’m Briena! (bree-en-uh)

Creator of Sash Photography. Some people have accused me of being a humanitarian and a wanderer before a photographer. I’m pretty sure that’s true.

I am not only a photographer, I’m a multi-passionate, purpose-driven entrepreneur. I’m even better at connecting with people and my clients love working with me because I help to ease their mind to make them feel comfortable in front of the camera.

I originally got into photography because I thought it could be a great tool to help support people. I imagined traveling the world, taking photos to bring awareness to issues in 3rd world countries. While that hasn’t served as a living for me, I find a lot of fulfillment in helping to support the local entrepreneurs and small business owners in my local community. And every once-in-a-while, shooting for non-profits to help bring awareness to important issues, like the Story of Stuff Project’s plastic microbead campaign. (We made victory in banning the bead, btw!).

It’s the victories like that… and the heartfelt notes from teenage girls and grown women, telling me they never knew they were beautiful… until now… that keep me rolling and loving what I do.

You’ll most likely find me: In the woods, doing yoga at home, or eating pizza


With Love, Briena xo

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About Makeup Artist, Renee Bruhn

Sash Photography's makeup artist of choice. To book Renee, call 971.645.6936

talented professional makeup artist Renee Bruhn in Portland Oregon
portland oregon east side photography studio with in house hair makeup artist Renee Bruhn

From Therapist To Personal Makeup Artist And Mom


Hi, I’m Renee!

While growing up, people often mistook me for a boy (“CAUGHTCHA WEARIN GIRL CLOTHES!!!”) so once puberty hit, I had an extra investment in building makeup, hair and wardrobe styling skills. While my journey to makeup artistry took a route through music composition, teaching and social work, I came back to my early love of art (I could trace my horse calendar like no other) by helping out friends with their makeup and hair for special events, and in 2013 I went to school and obtained my esthetician’s license so I could beautify the world.

In 2012, I met my future husband online. I had been online five years earlier (with mediocre results) but this time I had my picture taken with my makeup, hair, lighting and setting on point, and BAM—I had nine quality men contact and take me out repeatedly over the course of four months until I became exclusive with my now-husband. What’s interesting is that he had professional photos on his profile, as well. He looked like someone who took care of and invested in himself; I could totally see his personality in his relaxed posing and my very first thought was that he had kind eyes. GUSH CITY.

I look back to our experiences online and realize that the quality of all the hundreds of profile pictures we scrolled over were crucial to our split-second judgments about initial attraction and the possibility for relationship. Our profile pictures were the “foot in the door,” so to speak, that helped us click to find out more. I would love to help you look like your true, best self so you can find the person you’re looking for, and if you have any questions about my experiences and opinions on online dating, I’d be happy to share more.