A Grand Pat on the Back | Wedding Photography

I absolutely love my work. I love having a view into and being a part of a beautiful, intimate family connection for just a day. It fulfills something in me. And, yes, I’m a total nerd and get teary-eyed alongside the mother of the bride. Honestly, sometimes being a wedding photographer is brutal. Last weekend… two 8 hour wedding shoots, both days hit 100 degrees… brutal. But when I come home to a review like this… I am speechless. Thank you, Amy and Jeff, for such wonderful and amazing words…


‘AMAZING! I think we had Brie for 10 total hours and she was incredible the entire time. There wasnt a request to big or to small. When we first meet with Brie she was so in tune with what we wanted, asked us all the right questions and really re-assured both of us. I am sure you have an entire staff of outstanding photographers, but i think we were truly lucky to get to work with Brie.

We have heard countless comments and amazing things about our vendors in general, but Brie takes the cake. Everyone all night long, was really impressed with her ability to keep up with all the pictures, all the activity and any little thing that came up. She did a great job balancing being discrete and still getting important images. Before the wedding Brie really prepared us for what to expect the day of and had a very good timeline worked out with Amy (which really helped put Amys mind at ease). The day of the wedding Brie was on-time, if not early and was straight to work. She really came in and got going, there wasnt any questions or anything she was unsure of. Pre-ceremony Brie did a great job at capturing Amy getting ready (and even got some of me getting ready, which was a welcomed surprise). The first look turned out really amazing. Amy and I had a location we wanted to do it at, and Brie figured out all the lighting and really made it work, there was no question or concern from her when we mentioned anywhere we wanted to take photos at the venue. At the end of the night Brie made sure to ask Amy and Myself if there was anything she missed, or if we wanted her to stay longer and capture anything else. Throughout the event she did an amazing job capturing all the moments, things we will cherish for the rest of our lives. We could honestly write an entire book about how wonderful she is.’

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