‘Hiring the Heavens’ Author, Jean Slatter – SP Headshots Published in ‘Truly Alive’ Magazine

I keep finding my work published and it gets me all giddy!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t credited in the magazine for this photo, but it doesn’t deprive me of the flattery of it all. Two years ago, Jean had me do a mini headshot session to tide her over until our most recent photo makeover (stay tuned for those results in a future blog).


We were in an old mining town outside Auburn, California and found this cool corrugated metal wall. I love the results of these photos… rustic, but clean with the sun back-lighting Jean.

She looks gorgeous, if I do say so myself. Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks so, because the image showed up as the header in the article ‘A Conversation with Jean Slatter‘ in the March/April 2011 publication of Truly Alive Magazine!

You can see the article & how Jean’s SP Headshot was used here: SP Headshot in Truly Alive Magazine


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