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Headshots for Savvy Portland Entrepreneurs + Professionals

If you’ve had awkward photo experiences, or think you’re unphotogenic… it’s time to change that.

You're In The Right Place If...

  • You think you’re not photogenic  
  • You cringe at fake-y, stiff, lifeless headshots
  • You’re still using your senior yearbook picture for your business profile
  • You’re a savvy entrepreneur + you need a headshot that has the power to help you build trust, connect with, and lure your dream clients



  •  You’re a savvy entrepreneur + you need a headshot that has the power to help you build trust, connect with, and lure your dream clients
  • You need a photographer who can make you feel at ease, because you sweat profusely when you’re nervous
  • You have chronic awkward photo syndrome 


  •  You want a headshot that demands attention
  • You want a headshot that captures your energy, not just a distant gaze
  • You’re a realtor and were misguided to believe that your profile picture needs to be a ‘Glamour Shot’ on a 90s muslin backdrop.
  • You’re done messing around. It’s time to get serious

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… my prior experiences had been so difficult and the results were…well, just not good…  People would say kind things like “that picture doesn’t really do you justice,” or “you’re so much prettier than that in person,”…  I had a deep-seated belief that I just wasn’t photogenic, or maybe the pictures were really how I looked and I was just unrealistic in my expectations.

Working with Briena Sash totally changed everything for me…  I now see myself as photogenic and I think I understand now how to relax and not panic whenever someone says “let me take your picture.” – Louise P.

modern casual dating profile headshot with beautiful young red haired woman with top Portland Oregon Photographer

Briena, you made me feel so at ease. Actually, it surprised me how at ease I felt... All the while, capturing moments that were so authentic.

I had to tell you all this, because, now after having had such an amazing experience with you, knowing how much you put into the experience, and seeing the results…  I can’t believe I waited this long.

- Solveig Sorensen

beautiful young lady natural pose in studio for good dating profile picture

... what you take away with you you is so much more than a confidence booster... your photos look so beautiful, but also authentic so I still feel like myself and not some photoshoped version of me... you make everyone look so brilliantly captivating that it would definitely bring in clients to any business.

- Nazira K.

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Briena Sash is a wise, creative, gifted professional who is 100% on your team. She... has an uncanny ability to capture an essence beyond words. She is a catalyst for that authentic something which emerges within the subject;  beyond what is simply before the camera.

– Carolyn Holman, Entrepreneur at Girlband Headwear

Briena was amazing!! She helped me relax and snapped some awesome photos. As a person with chronic awkward photo face, it was nice to see that I could look normal. She had good techniques to help me portray the message I wanted through the photo for my small business.

– Nicole Shaffer Lee

I asked Briena to do my professional headshot for my LinkedIn profile… She helped me work through my awkwardness of getting a headshot and achieve exactly what I was looking for – confidence and approachability portrayed in a photo… I posted them and a week later I had 3 hits on LinkedIn! What a difference it makes!

– Tammie Eldridge, Tammie Eldridge Health Cosulting


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