Portraiture with Impact

Feel More Confident. Expect Results.

If you’re looking for portraiture that feels natural and professional while capturing authentic aspects of your personality, you’re in the right place.

If you’re looking for portraiture with a unique edge that has the power to captivate and intrigue your viewers, with potential to get results, you’re also in the right place.

My team and I are here to create a completely unique, comfortable and professional experience with portraiture you can feel confident about.

If you've ever thought...

#1. There’s got to be a solution to all the standard, overly-posed forced smile portraiture out there, but the portrait experiences you’ve had in the past have left you feeling stiff and unphotogenic… You’ve seen beautiful, more relaxed and natural looking portraiture and you know you love it, but you don’t know where to look or how to find a photographer that can create it…

#2. You see a difference in pictures that simply capture a surface image, and portraits that captivate viewers by revealing something deeper about a subject’s personality, but you don’t know what it is exactly or how to achieve that deeper, more captivating look…

#3. You want a professionally polished, finished, easy-to-use product rather than being left with a disc full of mega-sized un-finished digital files and the daunting task of figuring out how to size them correctly and what to do with them…

Then my team and I create the essential ingredients you need.

We help you prep, guide you through your session to achieve natural posing and engaging imagery, and deliver custom finished products to suit your needs.

You deserve a portrait experience that shows you that you are more photogenic than you think, that allows you to feel more natural, beautiful and authentic in front of the camera, and proves that your portraiture can speak of you and reflect deeper aspects about you as a person.

Our full-service boutique studio helps to guide you through the preparation process in leading up to your session, educating you on how to prep for your session in order to obtain the best results, help you create a clearer vision as to what you want your session to be like, guide you through posing and engagement during your session, and deliver polished imagery and custom designed finished products, ready to hang or apply.

What People are Saying...

Briena Sash is an extraordinarily talented, super creative photographer rock star who has the gift to evoke the Essence of a person in her photography. Her photographs have a dreamlike, magical quality and each tell a story in images. She captures the sensuality and heart of her subjects very deeply. Each portrait is a work of art… It was a total joy and delight to have the opportunity to have Briena take my photos, like a journey into myself through another person’s eyes–she has such a special way of making me feel beautiful. I will always always use her for all photos whether professional or personal. – Nicola B, Yoga Instructor and Artist

Briena of Sash Photograpy is wonderful to work with! She’s both professional and incredibly talented, and her studio space is a dream. During the session, she provided the perfect amount of instruction so that I had some ideas for how to pose, but it still felt like “me,” for a natural, effortless, and enjoyable experience! – Rachel J, Calligrapher


From World-Traveler to Humanitarian, Nature Lover, Award-Winning Artist and Photographer

Hi, I’m Briena! (bree-en-uh)

I’m the eye behind the lens. Some people have accused me of being a humanitarian and a wanderer before a photographer. I’m pretty sure that’s true.

I’m sure you’re aware… people do not always see beauty in themselves.

There is so much pressure and such stigma placed on our socially contrived concept of beauty.

Whether one sees herself as beautiful or not can have the impact to determine whether she accepts herself, believes in herself, loves herself. This is what my work amounts to. A positive influence on how my subjects view themselves.

This isn’t actually something I chose for myself. I dreamed of being a dancer or musician. It simply is the fact that my gift in this life is to see through superficial shells, put people at ease so that they feel comfortable being themselves, connect with and draw out the essence of that person that I see as beautiful. And I happen to have a skill for photography.

Now for the small, important details that make me, me…

Nickname: Brie (USA), Brie-chan (Japan)

Favorite drink: 8 oz latte

Favorite dessert: Mint ice cream

Favorite food spot: Porque No, Salt ‘n Straw

Hobbies: Hiking, cycling, motorcycle road trips, traveling, cuddling with animals

You’ll most likely find me: In the woods, at a coffee shop, or eating pizza

Favorite place to shop: Nowhere, I’d rather hit the trail

Accomplishment most proud of in the past year: Flew down to San Francisco to work with the Story of Stuff project on a campaign to ban plastic microbeads. Had my work published by Obscurae fashion magazine – twice.

Favorite saying: ‘I am happy before I have a reason’

My friends would describe me as: A dreamer, traveler, wanderer, people lover, free spirit, kind, nurturing, caring, huge heart, creative, artistic, easy going, motivating, ‘wonder woman’ (I didn’t make that up), loving, independent.

With Love,

briena @ sashphotography.com